Hcsingle Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

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Cone crushers are of advanced design, with high capacity and high reduction efficiency. With hydraulically adjusted CSS andautomatic wear compensation, a choice of different crushing chambers and eccentric throws,with many other high-performance features, each model is versatile, user-friendly and highly productive. 

Every Cone crusher is a product of know-how and experience optimized by CAD. Each model is tested virtually for stessstrain, shock, deformation, thermal loading, vibration and noise under a wide range of load conditions. The result in reality is exceptional reliability.

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The working principle

Motor driving the pinion of crusher and pinion drive gear, big gear components (wheel, wheel frame, eccentric steel bushing) drives the eccentric set of components (eccentric eccentric cylinder liner, copper sets) and spindle components (main shaft, the inner cone, cone plate) on theory of vertical line, orbit within the copper bushing, spindle component within the eccentric copper sleeve can be achieved with the center line of the spindle rotation.When the air machine is running, the eccentric sleeve assembly "holds" the spindle assembly and rotates together with the big gear. When the material is added into the crushing chamber, the spindle assembly (spindle and inner cone) rotates slowly in the eccentric copper sleeve under the resistance of the material.The inner cone's trajectory appears to oscillate back and forth within the crushing chamber, while slowly rotating.The material is crushed by a swinging inner cone.The connection between the support sleeve and the frame body is pressed by the hydraulic cylinder. When the crusher falls into the metal block and other unbreakable objects, the dynamic cone of the single cylinder is held up by the hydraulic piston at the bottom, which plays the role of discharge port adjustment and iron protection, and repeatedly rises and falls to remove ore blockage.

Product structure drawing

The performance characteristics

1. High efficiency

The upper and lower ends of the main shaft of the hydraulic cone crusher are supported, which can withstand greater crushing force and greater stroke. In addition, the special crushing cavity shape adapted to the lamination principle makes the machine have higher crushing efficiency.

2. Large production capacity

The hydraulic cone crusher will be broken stroke, crushing speed and crushing chamber shape of the perfect combination of design, so that the machine in the case of the same diameter of the large end of the moving cone, than the old spring cone broken output is 35%~60% higher.

3. High-quality stones

The hydraulic cone crusher adopts the unique crushing cavity shape and laminar crushing principle to produce the crushing effect between particles, so that the proportion of cube in the finished product is significantly increased, the number of needle flake stones is reduced, and the particle size is more uniform.

4. Medium to fine crushing of various cavity shapes

The fixed cone can be replaced only.

5. double insurance control of hydraulic and lubrication system

This machine can ensure overload protection and good bearing lubrication.

6. Easy maintenance

Cone crusher structure is simple and compact, stable performance, not easy to failure.Easy and quick maintenance.

Technical Parameters

ModelPower (kw)Crushing chamberMAX Feeding Size(mm)Nominal capacity in t/h With crusher running at CSS(t/h)
HC870500EC300     448-588447-849544-968601-107032-1172725-1291782-1393849-1512906-1331
  C240    406433-636461-893525-1018581-1125636-1232700-1357756-1464820-1461876-1286
  MC195    380-440406-723432-837492-954544-1055596-1155657-1272708-1373769-1370821-1206
  M155    400-563428-786455-836519-953573-1054628-1154692-1271746-1372810-1248865-1098
  MF100   379-424407-716434-765462-814527-928582-942638-789702   
  F90  357-395385-656414-704442-752470-800535-912592-857649-718702   
HC-880600EC370      480-640547-1277605-1411662-1546730-1702787-1837854-1994 
  C330      540-772616-1232681-1362746-1492821-1643886-1773962-19241027-1613
  MC260     541576-864657-1231726-1361795-1490876-1642945-1771 1094-1231
  M195     552-613587-1043669-1189739-1314810-1440896-1586962-1604 1115
  MF130    514549-933584-993666-1132736-1251806-1370888-1420958-1245  
  F120   531570-832609-888648-945739-985816-885     
  EFX100  401-202433-631465-678496-724528-770602-803665-721     
  EF85 364-420395-532426-574458-616489-32520-700593-798655-882718-883790   


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